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Recording Streaming with Flash Communication Server/Flash Media Server.

Some times are frustrating using to have it that to lower the archive all it stops later attending its content being about connections still more dialed. E as natural evolution of this situation, the content saw streaming. After all, a … Continue reading

Type Casting with ActionScript 3.0

A type conversion is said to occur when a value is transformed into a value of a different data type. Type conversions can be either implicit or explicit. Implicit conversion, which is also called coercion, is sometimes performed by Flash … Continue reading

Flex 2.0 and AMFPHP!!!

Until Flex 1,5, the AMFPHP could be used normally, simply pointing the address of gateway through tag RemoteObject as in the example


New Data type in ActionScript 3.0

The ActionScript 3.0 defines diverse types of generally used data. A type of data defines a type of value. An variable that is attributed a type of data can only arrest a value inside of this type of values. All … Continue reading

ActionScript 3.0

Publishing the webcam in the Internet with FlashCom/Flash Media Server

We know as to connect and to know if our connection perfectly this working, we will see then as to publish ours they cam for the Internet .

Using the class Tween and TweenExtended

The ActionScript offers ways to develop extremely powerful dynamic animations without using timeline. It has diverse classrooms of the proper Flash and others