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Type checking in ActionScript 3.0

The Type checking can occur in time of compilation or time of execution. The languages static Type , such as C++ and Java, they make the verification in compilation time. As a language dynamically Type , the Action Script 3,0 … Continue reading

ActionScript 3.0

Flex with Flash Media Server!!!

A well interesting article on as to use Flex 2 with Flash Media Server, is a simple example but of the one notion of as to use the class NetConnection and NetStream in Flex 2 and to feel some differences … Continue reading

Flash Media Server, Flex

Creating one playlist with Flash Communication Server/Flash Media Server.

We saw in the previous article as to record they stream using the Flash Communication Server/Flash Media Server, now we go to implement one playlist for this resource. Each video that to record will be added playlist for later being … Continue reading

Flash, Flash Media Server