Authenticating users in Flash Media Server with Flash Media Live Encoder

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder is a free software that Adobe offers for you to use to convey stream directly to a server and deploy Flash Media Server for your Web site or application.
Among the options available are:

  • High Quality Encode
  • H264 / VP6 Video
  • AAC / MP3 Audio
  • Command-line
  • Error Handling
  • VITC Timecode
  • Pre-processing
  • Live Metadata
  • Local Archive
  • DVR Support

With support for a variety of capture devices like webcam video, SDI, Composite, Component, Firewire.
There are cases where you need to restrict access to Flash Media Server via the Flash Media Live Encoder for that Adobe has created a plugin that is installed on your server, Flash Media Server, Flash Media Server Authentication Add-in.
Para instalar esse plugin, siga os seguintes passos:
Download and install Flash Media Server Authentication Add-in
Then use the command prompt and go to conf directory Flash Media Server
C:\Arquivos de programas\Adobe\Flash Media Server 3.5\conf
To create a new user, simply use the command:

users add -u user -p 123

Where is the user login and password is 123
Note that the directory C:\Arquivos de programas\Adobe\Flash Media Server 3.5\conf Now there are two files, users.exe and users.dat, logins and passwords are saved in users.dat
Now simply open the Flash Media Live Encoder and try to connect, it asks login and password.
One of the advantages of Flash Media Live Encoder is that it recognizes most devices that capture the Flash Player.

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