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View streaming from Flash Media Server with Qt

Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers using C++ or QML, a CSS & JavaScript like language. Qt Creator is the supporting Qt IDE. Normally using a Flash/AIR client to view a streaming from Adobe Media Server/Flash … Continue reading

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Get streaming from IP Camera to Flash Media Server with FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a very powerful tool, among its possibilities of use, capture streaming an ip camera and send it to Adobe Media Server/Flash Media Server

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IP Camera and Adobe Flash

Whenever I was asked about the possibility of Flash could take a picture of an IP camera and relay to Flash Media Server. Until recententemente, could not answer until I took a job that required this functionality

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Server-Side ActionScript in Flash Media Server

Flash Media Server (Interactive version) has a language server named Server-Side ActionScript or ActionScript Communications (extension .asc). The powerful feature that allows multimedia applications in their way beyond a simple streaming. Server-Side ActionScript is Adobe’s name for JavaScript 1.5, Flash … Continue reading

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SharedObject with Flash Media Server

SharedObject is a feature that give Flash Player the ability to save data locally to be used later in your application, roughly speaking is like a cookie. With Flash Media Server, was introduced the possibility of using the SharedObject Remote, … Continue reading

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What is Flash Access 2.0

Recently Adobe released a new SDK called Adobe Flash Access, formerly called FMRMS (Flash Media Rights Management Server). It is an SDK written in Java that aims to give developers the ability to protect and monetize their video applications based … Continue reading

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Codenames of software from Adobe (and formerly Macromedia)

Here some codenames used by Adobe (and former Macromedia) to develop its software. Constantly updated list, who know a code name that is not listed, you can leave a comment for update 😀

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Starting with Open Source Media Framework – OSMF

The Open Source Media Framework – OSMF (former Strobe Media Framework) is a set of components pre-programmed for you to use multimedia in their applications, enables easy deployment of resources that aims to enrich the user experience when it comes … Continue reading

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Adobe Announces Flash Media Server 4

Adobe Flash Media Server is software that focuses on being a streaming server and data to the Flash Platform helps by providing a better and richer experience for the user. Adobe today announced a new family Flash Media Server 4, … Continue reading

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Using Dynamic Streaming with Flash Media Server 3.5

Adobe Flash has revolutionized the distribution of video content on the web, we have the Adobe Flash Media Server that helped with this by giving the possibility to distribute content via streaming, including the option to use encryption and features … Continue reading

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