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Flex with PHP using ZendAMF – Zend_Db

In articler Adobe Flex with PHP using ZendAMF – first steps aimed to illustrate the integration of Flex with PHP for those who had already developed systems using AMFPHP, so I did not use the classes to access database ZendFramework. … Continue reading

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LCCS and PHP with ZendAMF

Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service has in its SDK examples for integration with the main languages used in web programming like PHP, Java, Python, etc. In the Adobe documentation, it is recommended to use AMFPHP or pure PHP, but this integration … Continue reading

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File uploads with Adobe Flex and Zend AMF

Zend AMF is an implementation done in PHP to work with the communication protocol binary AMF (Action Message Format) and is part of ZendFramework. I had to implement a system to upload files that were a little different than what … Continue reading

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Working with exceptions with Adobe Flex and Zend AMF

Some programming languages have the capability of working with exceptions such as PHP, ActionScript 3.0, Java, C # etc.. It is a resource that if properly used, it is powerful and help prevent future headaches for your system. An exception … Continue reading

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This post was originally written several years ago, it was only as a draft and strangely remains current. Sometimes I see on the Internet some movement “anti-Flash”, something really strange, it seems religion. There is a culture of saying that … Continue reading

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Adobe Flex with PHP using ZendAMF – first steps

Unsurprisingly the support of Adobe technologies that integrate seamlessly with Flex. Zend, which maintains the PHP, have your ZendFramework, a package called ZendAMF to implement such an integration between Flex and PHP. In the hands of Wade Arnold, who also … Continue reading

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Convert array to object in PHP

a simple way to convert array to object in PHP [PHP]


FLEX 2 and AMFPHP: Populating a Datagrid

Continuing the studies on Flex 2, I found this article written for Mike Potter on the integration of the Flex 2 and AMFPHP, in the example I made with that the Flex loaded the data of the article that I … Continue reading


Inserting, editing and excluding registers in the database using AMFPHP

Already we know how Populating a Datagrid using AMFPHP, now we will see as to insert, to bring up to date and to exclude registers of the data base being used the AMFPHP


Populating a Datagrid using AMFPHP

In the Internet we have some examples about using AMFPHP to create RIA applications. In this article we are going to create a RIA application more elaborated than a “Hello World�?, and you can use it in you real world … Continue reading