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If you want to enter this rapidly expanding market in 2012, following some tutorials created by Emanuele Feronato showing simple and objective way of creating games using Adobe Flash

Part 1

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Flash physics engine

Adobe Flash offers a huge range of possibilities for game development and more recently with the Stage3D of Flash Player (codenamed Molehill), this has only increased and much freedom developers. Stage3D lets you create games to run in the browser(or Adobe AIR) with the quality of games we see on consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
For some games it is essential to have a physical simulation (gravity, action and reaction, collisions, etc.), so-called physics engines, which are well known by staff who have already developed on other platforms for specific games. Some physics engines for Adobe Flash are:

  • Box2DFlash — This Flash physics engine is based on the widely recognized Box2D engine from C++.
  • Glaze — This one is based on the Chipmunk engine from C++. Beyond physics, this library also features scene management, line of sight, user input, scrolling, and AI.
  • JigLibFlash

See too somes Frameworks and libraries for Stage 3D.

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