Creating mobile applications with Dreamweaver CS 5.5 and PhoneGap

Adobe recently announced an update to your suite of software (Creative Suite 5.5), bringing many innovations to the community. For those who use Dreamweaver and HTML5 now bringing PhoneGap support, which is a framework that allows you to applications for various devices running IOS and Android from JavaScript, HTML and CSS. With this, you can create native applications for Android and IOS from Dreamweaver CS 5.5:D


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  3. If you’ll forgive the plug there’s also my new book, HTML5 for iOS and Android, which enables you to take web apps created in HTML, JavaScript & CSS, and turn them into standalone apps that you can upload to the app stores (for free or to sell). See – the wrappers to do this for the iOS and Android SDKs are freely available on the website, and you don’t need any knowledge of either programming language if you follow the instructions in the book.

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  5. @Robin – good going with the book!

    @Leonardo – nice video, keep it coming!

  6. Apple suggests the iPhone developers that before indulging in iPhone app development, you need to first decide which features are you going to include in your application.

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