Flash Camp Brasil = Success!!!

Flash Camp Brasil - I've been there!!!

Flash Camp Brasil - I've been there!!!

The event was unprecedented in Brazil, the Flash Camp Brasil, occurred in the last days 15 and 16 in Maceió, Brazil.
To begin with, was an adventure can go to the event, with tickets and expensive hotel crowded, but it is something that would not miss for the world.
I was staying in a hostel and lucky for me, on the morning of day 15, shared a post from the street, and my notebook with a damaged battery, I decided to go to the hotel of the event to familiarize myself with the way.
The path to the hostel to the hotel was closer than imagined, having only to wait anxiously for 7 hours until the event start.
While waiting and sitting on the couch with a provision making(ufa!!!), reunion the Gabriela Zaninetti, Marketing Manager of Adobe Systems Brasil, soon after going to the place of lecture and mini-courses, met Demian Borba was already in full swing in the last preparations for the event and introduced me to Filipe Cunha of Globo.com, sorry that did not to attend the mini-course it. Who was it was also Pedro Taranto(we almost ran into the airport).
Shortly after the Gabi introduced me to Fabricio Manzi, guy who knew the years and only in the event I can finally meet you in person. Then I had the opportunity to meet Tiago Venegas, with whom he later exchanged ideas on Flash Media Server, Cássio Souza, Technical Director Gringo and Diego of COC, after some talk time, arrivesIgor Costa, another so that the web and knew I had the opportunity to meet personally, I played a little Mortal Kombat vs DC Comics and took a beating by Neto Leal.
A few minutes before the event, entering the auditorium, reunion the Lee with whom I had a quick conversation about our trips were.
In between I had the opportunity to meet Beck Novaes, in which I showed a bit of a speech that would do the next day. At the end of the event, I know Bruno Ribeiro who told me about the project that won the mini ignite.

About the sessions
First day
Well, full auditorium, all fully prepared and Demian opened the event with an exciting presentation on EFM and how did your dream to make a Flash Camp in Brazil.

Joshua Hirsch Minister of Technology of the Big Spaceship, commented on how your company works and has demonstrated some very interesting projects in which the developer program so even in the latest stage of the project, first you need to buy a machine to smoke.

The second lecture was the Daniel Morena Creative Director of the Agency 32 Bits, about 1.0 Enhanced Reality, that really surprised me, systems showed he made a few years with the Flash Platform using multitouch when not imagined that. I could personally give my congratulations to Daniel Morena.

Second day
O segundo dia se iniciou com a palestra do Sam Rivello, CEO of RMC, biology compared with programming, demonstrated in a simple and objective simulation of biological behavior in programming in Flex 4.

The second lecture was that of Igor Costa, and relaxed and animated, it showed 40 differences considered significant change between Flex 3 and Flex 4.

Tiago Venegas began his lecture by explaining what’s new in Flash Media Server 3.5, demonstrated vorttice, a tool conference that owes nothing to the Adobe Connect, also shown as is done dynamic stream.

Next, Lee explained some news about Flash Player 10.1 and created an example using the Adobe Flash CS5 exporting directly to a native application for IPhone.

The presentation of Cássio Souza began with a story about how the way you work in, then explained design pattern State Machine. You may have used State Machine and did not know.

Daniel Dura told the story of the multitouch and demonstrated how it can be worked in Flash Platform.

The talk of closure of the event was dedicated to the Beck Novaes about OutBox, and in my opinion, was closed on a high note, was simply fantastic, I think one of the best speeches of the event.

This was a summary on how fast it was my adventure in Flash Camp Brasil and the ultimate feeling is that it was very worthwhile, Maceió was perfect for the event and a cry marked the Flash Camp Brasil: “sa porra!!!“.

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