Flash Player on PlayStation 3

After I created the article about Flash and Nintendo Wii, I sent some friends to test them in their equipment. Among them, my brother had the curiosity to test also on your PlayStation 3.
Well, I already knew that the PlayStation 3 had support for Flash Player, and remained to the version that the application can be used. In the case of Flash Player, which he saw so far supports the version 9 (PS3 and will run through the browser (Mozilla-based – the NetFront) as well as the Nintendo Wii (based on Opera).
Get yourself an example created for the Nintendo Wii running on PlayStation 3

I’m preparing some more specific tests for the PlayStation 3, if runs ActionScript 3.0, use the buttons and the new PlayStation Moves that will come with a webcam, that is, interesting possibilities with the use of augmented reality with the Flash Platform in the PlayStation 3 😀

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