Flash Remoting and Protocol AMF(Action Message Format)

Macromedia introduced in the market has some time the Macromedia Remoting Flash, an gateway (Device that it acts in any layer of model ISO/OSI to win “differences� enter nets,) based in protocol AMF (Action Message Format). Protocol AMF was created by Macromedia to facilitate to the communication between the Flash and a server side.

When compared with other techniques to connect the Flash and a server side, as loadVariables or loadVars, protocol AMF presents some advantages.

* Being easy to use the AMF automatically it converts the type of native data of the server for actionscript and vice versa.
* The Flash Remoting the serialize the messages between applications in Flash and server side using the Action Message Format (AMF is a based binary format in SOAP).
* The Remoting Flash was developed to combine itself perfectly with design patterns.

When compared with the traditional HTML, he is possivel to create applicatory in Flash with abilities to create dynamic and sophisticated interactions with the user, being included:

* Macromedia Player Flash in execution can trasmitir given and to call methods the server.
* Separation of the presentation and the logica of programming
* Efficient use of the width of band in virtue of protocol AMF
* Easy development for multiply platforms and services

Using the Flash Remoting, you it can develop sophisticated applications in Flash, as a forum of discussion, shopping car and catalogue of products. To follow an image to represent the architecture of the Remoting Flash:
Architecture of the Remoting Flash

Arquitetura do Flash Remoting

The architecture of the Flash Remoting together with facilitates to the communication between the customer and the server the comfort and the stability of one frameworks and design patterns as MODEL-VIEW-CONTROLLER (MVC). The image to follow sample the MVC in the context of the Flash

Arquitetura de MVC com o Flash Remoting

Well, this was a small summary of as it functions the Flash Remoting and protocol AMF, parts removed of the proper aid of the Flash. Now we can implement this technology next to the AMFPHP, FLEX etc

Macromedia Flash Remoting



SOAP vs. Flash Remoting Benchmark

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