Monetize your AIR applications with Melrose

This business model has become a fad in the world, you provide your application through a large company, we have examples such as Apple’s App Store, Nokia with Ovi Store, Google Android Market. The advantages are many and generate greater confidence for the user and off course that Adobe could not be left out.
Previously called Shibuya, now Adobe Melrose seeks to offer basically three types of services for those who develop applications on Adobe AIR:

  • Try and Buy – When you are developing your AIR application, you simply embed the licensing SWC in your application, enter a few lines of code and specify the price and trial periods online.
  • Monetize -When end user customers purchase your application, the Melrose service keeps track of the income from each of your applications. You get paid at a regular interval, typically once a month.
  • View analytics – Reports are available online via the Adobe Developer Connection site. In this initial release you’ll be able to view reporting information regarding revenue, active trials, expired trials and downloads. This information is available for everywhere you use Melrose-not just for downloads from the Adobe AIR Marketplace.

Melrose Labs

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