Nokia should give up on Symbian?

Lately I’ve read in several national and international blogs fierce criticism by Symbian and Nokia. The argument is always the same, that the Symbian operating system is obsolete, that Nokia should invest in Google Android, and so on.
Now I’ll show my arguments by which I believe Nokia will not stop using the Symbian operating system on their handsets anytime soon, my arguments tab is based on two topics:
Market and strategy:

  • Nokia has a huge range of mobile phones being sold lately, running Symbian and all they sell a lot.
  • Who compares Symbian with Android or iPhone is making the wrong comparison, are users with different needs and purchasing power.
  • A user who buys a $30 device will not buy an actual $500 device.
  • Many users just want the equipment to make calls and send and receive SMS.


  • It is very profitable for Nokia devices produce low cost, or cheap handsets and of course, without an ability to run Android for example.
  • Nokia has the Qt (C++) to create applications for Symbian, Maemo and Meego. In the Android SDK is Java based and would require some partnership between Nokia and Google to create Qt applications for Android, something that does not exist yet.
  • Symbian Foundation already working on a new version of OS Symbian^4.

Are just a few points based on my experience. In short, Symbian still generates profit for Nokia and why give up something that is profitable? Example was the phone that worked as a flashlight that was very successful in Africa and Brazil. But I agree on one point, that Nokia was slow to realize that the model introduced by the touchscreen iPhone would become a trend. Now it seems he did a good job with the Nokia N8 and Symbian^3.

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