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BR Conference

BR Conference 2010 is the first event held in Brazil on RIA (Rich Internet Application) and ColdFusion. With the support of Adobe Systems Inc’s and share some of the best and most renowned professionals in the world the tools and … Continue reading

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Authenticating users in Flash Media Server with Flash Media Live Encoder

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder is a free software that Adobe offers for you to use to convey stream directly to a server and deploy Flash Media Server for your Web site or application

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Simple protection of content from Flash Media Server

I was called to resolve a problem with the protection of the contents of a client, the problem was that somebody malicious was stealing their live streams. He simply took the html code of the site and pasted on her … Continue reading

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Flash Camp Brasil = Success!!!

The event was unprecedented in Brazil, the Flash Camp Brasil, occurred in the last days 15 and 16 in Maceió, Brazil. To begin with, was an adventure can go to the event, with tickets and expensive hotel crowded, but it … Continue reading

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Stream with Flex or Flash or Flash Lite and Flash Media Server

Recent years have seen an explosion of growth of multimedia content available, but also the growing use of broadband, we have more users with access to multimedia content, but the main factor was the ease that Flash brought to this … Continue reading

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Flex with Flash Media Server!!!

A well interesting article on as to use Flex 2 with Flash Media Server, is a simple example but of the one notion of as to use the class NetConnection and NetStream in Flex 2 and to feel some differences … Continue reading

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Creating one playlist with Flash Communication Server/Flash Media Server.

We saw in the previous article as to record they stream using the Flash Communication Server/Flash Media Server, now we go to implement one playlist for this resource. Each video that to record will be added playlist for later being … Continue reading

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Testing Webcam with Flash Communication Server/Flash Media Server

The Flash Media Server/Flash Communication Server is a server of stream developed by Macromedia, with it can be developed applicatory of the most varied as complex videoconferences , chats, stream of audio, video and what more the imagination to allow. … Continue reading

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