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SharedObject with Flash Media Server

SharedObject is a feature that give Flash Player the ability to save data locally to be used later in your application, roughly speaking is like a cookie. With Flash Media Server, was introduced the possibility of using the SharedObject Remote, … Continue reading

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Adobe Flash Player 11.1 and Adobe AIR 3.1 available

As a follow-up to the highly anticipated release of Adobe Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3, which included next-generation technologies like the gorgeous, cinematic 2D and 3D hardware accelerated graphics of Stage 3D. Flash Player 11.1 and Adobe AIR 3.1 … Continue reading

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Using the Update Framework for Adobe AIR

One feature that I was more useful in Adobe AIR, was the addition of an API designed to make better automatic update of my application. This can be very important because not all users have the time (or desire) to … Continue reading

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Accessing the camera phone with Adobe AIR for Android

Adobe AIR for Android can access some hardware features of smartphones. Among some of them we can mention the access to internet, read your phone’s status, access network, access the wifi, GPS, sensors, etc.. Adobe AIR can also access the … Continue reading

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Monetize your Flash Games

Games made with Adobe Flash has become a very interesting market, Zynga (creator of Farmville) that some time ago received a capital infusion of millions of U.S. dollars. Samuel Rivello(I had the opportunity to meet in Flash Camp Brasil) wrote … Continue reading

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Make your site online games done with Flash

Online games sites made with Adobe Flash has become very popular. There are several agencys who specialize in the development of Flash games and in recent years have seen a big growth in relation to Flash games on social networks … Continue reading


Using accelerometer with AIR for Android

A customer left me a Motorola Milestone so that it could develop an application for such. The problem was that the Milestone 1, did not come with the Android 2.2(froyo) and the update looks like it will take even(the Motorola … Continue reading

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Getting Started with AIR for Android

We have for some time the possibility to create applications for Android with the Flash Platform, using Adobe AIR or Flash Player. Moreover Android is becoming increasingly more popular, various devices emerge every day more and more powerful running the … Continue reading

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Flash Player 10.2 available

Yesterday Adobe released the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, the version 10.2, this version has received special attention regarding the display of video content (with the new class StageVideo), to improve performance and reduce CPU consume. Versions were released … Continue reading

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Adobe Flash with Microsoft Kinect

This video produced by the agency Blitz demonstrates the use of Kinect far beyond the XBox. It’s awesome and opens the possibility for interactive applications where only the imagination is the limit. Follow the video demonstration Flash Kinect Demo from … Continue reading

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