This post was originally written several years ago, it was only as a draft and strangely remains current.

Sometimes I see on the Internet some movement “anti-Flash”, something really strange, it seems religion. There is a culture of saying that Flash is a program “to make a ball go” or that “Flash has accessibility zero, this is very far from the truth. it is possible to make extremely complex applications with Flash. And when there is a kind of “dispute” between AJAX X FLASH Flash x Silverlight Flash x HTML5. From time to time there is a new “Flash-killer”, I think they are different technologies and complement. I see the same kind of radicalism in relation to PHP X Cold Fusion, ASP X PHP, PHP X PHYTON, Open Source X Proprietary etc.
I have also been very radical, defending PHP tooth and nail, spoke ill of any other language that was not PHP without even know it, but I realized that those who still think that way, limits their opportunities to major world today no matter what tool you use but how you use the tool, who heard “The bad employee blames his tools work”?.
Always worked with Flash and PHP, when I entered the BANCOOB, I felt compelled to learn Java, was a challenge that could overcome. Shortly after I entered the migration project, which would have to program in C # and Visual Basic, many of my friends simply do not accept into the project. I heard things like, “look at my curriculum and see if it is VB” and called the loose, but the end result was a great experience for me, I was able to grow much.
I have already been many philosophical discussions, and today I have no more patience for it when I see that this conversation tends to radicalism or religion, I lose the will to fully discuss.
Working with Flash since version 5, I followed closely the development of the tool, and the long ceased to be just a “plugin” to become a development platform for several devices. Of course with that, disrespect the competition, which is great. After all we must always move.

Developers who do not work with Flash, underestimate the power he has.

I’m not the only one who thinks this story that “one will replace the other” makes no sense, to own Adobe preaches that the two work perfectly together, so that the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 already has support HTML5.
The launch of the iPad was the trigger for the so-called “anti-Flash”. it mounted the perfect setting for a healthy discussion, where we could point out the strengths and weaknesses of a given technology and how it can be improved. But what we have seen is just the opposite, I’ve seen several articles and comments from people simply saying “I hate Flash”, sites with sensational headlines(what they did to the post of Lee was disgusting!!!), Each week a different rumor that people believe without checking the sources and the same conversation 5 years ago.

Meanwhile, the client ta little matter if you use this tool or that, what matters to him is that you do the job.

The bad employee blames his tools work.

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