Getting Started with Azure Media Services

Azure-Media-Services-logoRecently discovered that the Microsoft Azure, a Microsoft cloud computing platform, It has a media service called Azure Media Services. It was good to see how Microsoft has evolved in this regard, I was impressed with the features offered by the platform. Continue reading

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View streaming from Flash Media Server with Qt

Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers using C++ or QML, a CSS & JavaScript like language. Qt Creator is the supporting Qt IDE.
Normally using a Flash/AIR client to view a streaming from Adobe Media Server/Flash Media Server, but if we need a client in Qt/C++ to view a streaming?
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Get streaming from IP Camera to Flash Media Server with FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a very powerful tool, among its possibilities of use, capture streaming an ip camera and send it to Adobe Media Server/Flash Media Server Continue reading

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IP Camera and Adobe Flash

Whenever I was asked about the possibility of Flash could take a picture of an IP camera and relay to Flash Media Server. Until recententemente, could not answer until I took a job that required this functionality Continue reading

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Latest Apache Flex News (July 2012)

Apache FlexThe Apache Flex team is currently testing a release candidate for Apache Flex 4.8.0. Apache Flex 4.8.0 will be a “parity” release with Adobe Flex 4.6.0. We are essentially testing our processes to make sure we can produce a build that allows you to continue to use all the cool features of the Flex Framework, under the new Apache license. Future builds will implement bug fixes, new features and new components. Check out the README on our SVN to see how to grab this new testing build yourself.

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Flash Player support on Windows 8

This afternoon on such short notice for the briefing on Flash Player support on Windows 8. Flash Player will be available on Windows 8 for both Desktop and Metro experiences on x86/64 and ARM chipsets.

See the Flash Roadmap whitepaper:

Windows 8: Microsoft is currently developing Windows 8, which is the next generation of its Windows operating system. The operating system includes a number of different user interface configurations (desktop and Metro style) and targeted processor chipsets (x86/64 and ARM), which create a number of different development targets for the Flash runtimes. In addition, while Windows 8 Metro style is the primary interface for tablets and touch devices, it is also a core part of the user experience for Windows 8 running on desktops and laptops.

Flash Player release and debug players will be available and supported for Windows 8 Desktop and Metro style experiences on both x86/64 and ARM platforms.

In order to ensure the best experience for users, Microsoft maintains a compatibility view list of HTML and Flash content that is known to work well in Metro style Internet Explorer. Flash content not on the compatibility view list will not be displayed within Metro style Internet Explorer on Windows 8. Developers and users will have a number of options on how such content can be viewed, including viewing it in Windows 8 desktop.

Adobe and Microsoft will be publishing technical information on how to ensure that Flash content provides the best experience for end users. This document will be updated once that information is available.

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Server-Side ActionScript in Flash Media Server

Flash Media Server (Interactive version) has a language server named Server-Side ActionScript or ActionScript Communications (extension .asc). The powerful feature that allows multimedia applications in their way beyond a simple streaming.
Server-Side ActionScript is Adobe’s name for JavaScript 1.5, Flash Media Server has a JavaScript engine to build and run scripts Continue reading

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Adobe roadmap for the Flash runtimes

Adobe released a further document on its plans for the Flash Platform. We can note the direction that Adobe is planning to take and what can we expect on the Flash.
This document provides an overview of the Adobe Flash runtimes and a roadmap for their development. The primary goal is to provide guidance as well as insight into Adobe’s current thinking and plans around core Flash functionality contained within Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR over a time frame of the next one to two years Continue reading

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Adobe’s view of Flex

Apache FlexAdobe today released a whitepaper about its plans in relation to Flex, now in the care of Apache. You can read the full document by click here, he says even a little of the history of the Flex.
Some details Continue reading

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Angry Birds made in Flash

Rovio launched Angry Birds for Facebook using Flash Player 11 with support for 3D graphics. The most social version of Angry Birds yet takes advantage of hardware accelerated graphics in Flash Player to bring a silky smooth gaming experience to a wider audience than ever before. More than 130 million people play Angry Birds every day – now with Flash Player, hundreds of millions of Facebook users can do the same.
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