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Latest Apache Flex News (July 2012)

The Apache Flex team is currently testing a release candidate for Apache Flex 4.8.0. Apache Flex 4.8.0 will be a “parity” release with Adobe Flex 4.6.0. We are essentially testing our processes to make sure we can produce a build … Continue reading

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Adobe’s view of Flex

Adobe today released a whitepaper about its plans in relation to Flex, now in the care of Apache. You can read the full document by click here, he says even a little of the history of the Flex. Some details

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New logo for Apache Flex

The new Flex Apache logo was chosen by a contest in late January. The total number of submissions received was astonishing. The contest received a total of 54 submissions. While some designers submitted multiple logo’s, most of the submissions were … Continue reading

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Flex with PHP using ZendAMF – Zend_Db

In articler Adobe Flex with PHP using ZendAMF – first steps aimed to illustrate the integration of Flex with PHP for those who had already developed systems using AMFPHP, so I did not use the classes to access database ZendFramework. … Continue reading

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SDK Flex 4.6 avaliable for download

Today was released the Flex 4.6 SDK for download, Flex 4.6 is the next major step in cross-platform mobile application development. With a scheduled release date later this year, the new version of Flex SDK and a corresponding free update … Continue reading

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Using the Update Framework for Adobe AIR

One feature that I was more useful in Adobe AIR, was the addition of an API designed to make better automatic update of my application. This can be very important because not all users have the time (or desire) to … Continue reading

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Using the class ObjectUtil in Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex is a framework designed to create RIA applications with the Flash Platform for its ease and that is becoming very popular in recent years. There is class called ObjectUtil , a static class with a series of methods … Continue reading

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File uploads with Adobe Flex and Zend AMF

Zend AMF is an implementation done in PHP to work with the communication protocol binary AMF (Action Message Format) and is part of ZendFramework. I had to implement a system to upload files that were a little different than what … Continue reading

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Codenames of software from Adobe (and formerly Macromedia)

Here some codenames used by Adobe (and former Macromedia) to develop its software. Constantly updated list, who know a code name that is not listed, you can leave a comment for update 😀

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Working with exceptions with Adobe Flex and Zend AMF

Some programming languages have the capability of working with exceptions such as PHP, ActionScript 3.0, Java, C # etc.. It is a resource that if properly used, it is powerful and help prevent future headaches for your system. An exception … Continue reading

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