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Lazy Loading with Adobe Flex and BlazeDS

BlazeDS is an implementation in Java for working with the protocol AMF (Action Message Format) and facilitate communication between the swf and your server-side Java. When you begin to use a resource unlike most people, you may find some problems … Continue reading

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Using Accelerometer on Flash Lite with Nokia Platform Services

Accelerometer is a motion sensor, one device responsible for measuring the relative positions of the axes x, y and z, ie, calculate the acceleration of the object. Today it is used for a variety of utilities such as: air bags, … Continue reading

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Motion Detection Webcam with Adobe Flash

An interesting feature and that few people know the Flash Player or Adobe AIR, is that in addition to access features like the webcam user, it can also detect whether there is movement in the camera. This can be useful … Continue reading

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Inverse Kinematics in Adobe Flash

In Physics, kinematics is the branch responsible for studying the motion of bodies. Inverse Kinematics (IK) is a technique widely used in engineering, robotics and animation. It consists of the movement of an object or a set of objects in … Continue reading

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Using Dynamic Streaming with Flash Media Server 3.5

Adobe Flash has revolutionized the distribution of video content on the web, we have the Adobe Flash Media Server that helped with this by giving the possibility to distribute content via streaming, including the option to use encryption and features … Continue reading

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Options for Mobile Development

The mobile market is one of the fastest growing lately, and with it the demand for applications for this growing niche also bringing one more option for anyone who is a developer and new business opportunities. You developer who likes … Continue reading

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