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Regex with Action Script 3.0

In programming resources, the regular expressions are one of less the most used tools most advanced and at the same time one of

ActionScript 3.0

Inserting, editing and excluding registers in the database using AMFPHP

Already we know how Populating a Datagrid using AMFPHP, now we will see as to insert, to bring up to date and to exclude registers of the data base being used the AMFPHP


Sockets with ActionScript 3.0!!!

Sockets used ones and known are of the most powerful tools of programming for Internet and little used. He is possivel that software talks between itself being in different machines. For example serving Web as the apache is in a … Continue reading

ActionScript 3.0

Testing Webcam with Flash Communication Server/Flash Media Server

The Flash Media Server/Flash Communication Server is a server of stream developed by Macromedia, with it can be developed applicatory of the most varied as complex videoconferences , chats, stream of audio, video and what more the imagination to allow. … Continue reading

Flash, Flash Media Server

Flash Remoting and Protocol AMF(Action Message Format)

Macromedia introduced in the market has some time the Macromedia Remoting Flash, an gateway (Device that it acts in any layer of model ISO/OSI to win “differencesâ€? enter nets,) based in protocol AMF (Action Message Format). Protocol AMF was created … Continue reading

Flash, Flash Remoting