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Building Applications with Web RunTime(WRT) and Flash Lite for Nokia devices

Web RunTimeis one of the possibilities that Nokia provides for creating applications for mobile devices. If you’re a web developer, you do not need much of anything else to start developing for Nokia devices using the WRT. It allows you … Continue reading

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Flash Media Gateway

Flash Media Gateway (FMG) is a new real-time server platform that enables Adobe® Flash® and Adobe AIR® applications to connect with traditional communication devices via SIP. FMG Telephony SDK plugs in seamlessly with existing Adobe Flash Media Server server-side applications … Continue reading

Flash Media Gateway

Creating and publishing applications for Nokia devices using Ovi App Wizard

Ovi Store, Nokia’s online store for distribution and monetization of applications for their devices, has been growing in recent months.Today are made more than two and a half million downloads a day on Ovi Store. Nokia created Ovi App Wizard … Continue reading


File uploads with Adobe Flex and Zend AMF

Zend AMF is an implementation done in PHP to work with the communication protocol binary AMF (Action Message Format) and is part of ZendFramework. I had to implement a system to upload files that were a little different than what … Continue reading

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Using accelerometer with Flash Lite 4.0

We had the launch of the Nokia N8, officially the first device to support Flash Lite 4.0. Besides the Nokia N8, we also have a Nokia C7 and Nokia E7, all running the Symbian^3 and Adobe Flash Lite 4.0 is … Continue reading

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Nokia should give up on Symbian?

Lately I’ve read in several national and international blogs fierce criticism by Symbian and Nokia. The argument is always the same, that the Symbian operating system is obsolete, that Nokia should invest in Google Android, and so on

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Using Geolocation with Flash Lite and Nokia Platform Services

The use of geolocation capabilities is no longer news today, we have devices with integrated GPS in cars, smartphones, notebooks etc. Flash Lite 4.0, Flash Player 10.1 (only mobile) and Adobe AIR 2.5 (also just mobile) have native support for … Continue reading

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What is Flash Access 2.0

Recently Adobe released a new SDK called Adobe Flash Access, formerly called FMRMS (Flash Media Rights Management Server). It is an SDK written in Java that aims to give developers the ability to protect and monetize their video applications based … Continue reading

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Codenames of software from Adobe (and formerly Macromedia)

Here some codenames used by Adobe (and former Macromedia) to develop its software. Constantly updated list, who know a code name that is not listed, you can leave a comment for update 😀

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