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Apache FlexAdobe today released a whitepaper about its plans in relation to Flex, now in the care of Apache. You can read the full document by click here, he says even a little of the history of the Flex.
Some details:

Adobe believes that Flex is the best solution for enterprise and data-centric application development today, and that moving Flex into a community-driven open source project ensures the continued development and success of Flex for years to come. In this new model, the community will be responsible for the maintenance and evolution of the Flex SDK while Adobe will continue to evolve tooling and runtimes. This document provides Adobe’s view of Flex, its contributions to the open source project, and its commitments to Flex in the future.

Adobe is currently in the process of contributing the core Flex SDK (including advanced data visualization components), automation libraries, AIR SDK binaries, documentation, and specifications to the Apache Flex Project. We will also contribute complete, but yet-to-be-released Spark components including ViewStack, Accordion, DateField, DataChooser, and an enhanced DataGrid.

Adobe will not be contributing the AIR for Linux SDK, LCDS, or LCCS to Apache. Adobe is still investigating the viability of contributing TLF, BlazeDS.NET, Gravity, FXG, Squiggles, and OSMF.

Flash Player 11.2 and Adobe AIR 3.2, which are anticipated to ship in the first quarter of 2012, will be tested with applications built using Adobe Flex 4.6. Adobe will test future releases of Flash Player and AIR against the Adobe Flex 4.6 SDK and maintain backwards compatibility for five years.

see the complete document

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