Flex with Flash Media Server!!!

A well interesting article on as to use Flex 2 with Flash Media Server, is a simple example but of the one notion of as to use the class NetConnection and NetStream in Flex 2 and to feel some differences in the Action Script 3.0.

link of the article: http://flash-communications.net/technotes/fms2/flex2FMS/index.html

See the application working
14/03/2006 *** UPDATE ******
I found another article on Flex and Flash Media Server written by Christophe Coenraets, very good for signal!
Link of the article: http://coenraets.com/viewarticle.jsp?articleId=98
Link for the application

For to see the examples is need to have the Flash Player 9

To know more: Programming Flash Communication Server
Adobe Labs http://labs.macromedia.com/

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