Using accelerometer with AIR for Android

Shake Them All

A customer left me a Motorola Milestone so that it could develop an application for such. The problem was that the MilestoneBuy on Amazon NOW! 1, did not come with the Android 2.2(froyo) and the update looks like it will take even(the Motorola Milestone 2Buy on Amazon NOW! comes with Android 2.2). But how could not wait (and of course, with the endorsement of the client), I decided to use a room for custom install Android 2.2 in Milestone 1. I followed the steps that article and everything went well and the first thing I did was install the Adobe AIR for Android (what a surprise :P).

After some testing and a time familiarizing myself with the interface of Android, I decided to run the code I used for thwarting the use of accelerometer with Flash Lite 4.0.
See the results without changing one line of code:

And the source code:

The image illustrates the article is the live wallspaper Shake Them All that uses the accelerometer of the phone as simulation of gravity for the little robots android “fall” for the home screen 😀

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