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Using the local database with Adobe AIR

We often need our system can store data locally without the need for a robust database as a MySQL or SQL Server, or even that data can be stored locally for later synchronization with a remote database. Adobe AIR offers … Continue reading

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Adobe Certified Expert Flex 4

Available today is the certification exam of Adobe Flex 4 (Flex 4 # ACE Exam 9A0-129) since July 16, Now you have 59 questions related to Creating a User Interface (UI), Flex system architecture and design, Programming Flex applications with … Continue reading

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BR Conference

BR Conference 2010 is the first event held in Brazil on RIA (Rich Internet Application) and ColdFusion. With the support of Adobe Systems Inc’s and share some of the best and most renowned professionals in the world the tools and … Continue reading

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Group and ungroup data in AdvancedDataGrid

Needed to implement a feature that in a AdvancedDataGrid hours ordering the data by the first letter or not. First time I thought it was very difficult as I had done something similar in another project where it should split … Continue reading

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Flash Camp Brasil = Success!!!

The event was unprecedented in Brazil, the Flash Camp Brasil, occurred in the last days 15 and 16 in Maceió, Brazil. To begin with, was an adventure can go to the event, with tickets and expensive hotel crowded, but it … Continue reading

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Stream with Flex or Flash or Flash Lite and Flash Media Server

Recent years have seen an explosion of growth of multimedia content available, but also the growing use of broadband, we have more users with access to multimedia content, but the main factor was the ease that Flash brought to this … Continue reading

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Adobe Flex with PHP using ZendAMF – first steps

Unsurprisingly the support of Adobe technologies that integrate seamlessly with Flex. Zend, which maintains the PHP, have your ZendFramework, a package called ZendAMF to implement such an integration between Flex and PHP. In the hands of Wade Arnold, who also … Continue reading

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Integrating Flex with Java using BlazeDS – first steps

Adobe Flex has become a trend when it comes to view layer between developers, analyst, managers and especially users, and can integrate with virtually any language programming. In the layer of business have a good race between Java and .NET(ok … Continue reading

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Creating custom windows with Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR allows you to customize the windows of their applications, by default, Adobe AIR uses the layout of the windows operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), in Flex you have the option of using FlexChrome(especially that i am not very … Continue reading

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